Vedanta, Science and Religion

By the word Vedānta is meant the end of all knowledge. The Sanskrit word Vedānta breaks in two: Veda, the knowable; and anta, the end. Vedānta recognizes two worlds of human investigation – the external and the internal. The external world is what is revealed to us by the five senses.Today, biologists tell us that we still do not know enough of the human body. However, in the Indian tradition, adhyātma vidyā, or the science of spirituality proclaims that behind the body-mind complex there is a vast, infinite reservoir of energy which you can unfold and manifest. Religion has another aspect too – the scientific.Vedānta unifies external and internal knowledge. The Upanishads say that there are five sheaths or coverings that surround the infinite ātman. They said: Study the human system in depth. The human being is essentially divine. This is a great truth discovered and re-authenticated, and meant to be realized by every human being. You have the capacity to realize your own true nature. Behind this tiny ego under the control of the genetic system is an infinite dimension of awareness, the self, which makes you spiritually one with all.Yoga is the science and technique of realizing the truth: “I am not this tiny organic system. I am not a creature of the world outside. I am free. I am free”. The focus of that freedom is not in the genetic system, but in the infinite ātman. That is my true nature. Despite modern advances in the physical sciences, most are unhappy. What is wrong? Science alone is not enough.Einstein said: “Science can denature plutonium, but it cannot denature evil in the heart of man.” So there must be another dimension to science and truth-seeking: something experiential. Vedānta says that in the inner world, when you try to know your own nature, you realize that you are that. In the external world, it is never so. When you study a star, you don’t become a star, but when you study yourself in depth, you become that. Tat tvam asi, That art thou. A wonderful change comes upon you.Human problems cannot be solved by mere intellectual energy. Some of the cleverest criminals are intellectuals. If I have a confused mind, complex and ambitious, which takes me beyond other peoples’ purview, then I become a nuisance. Can I not become a centre of infinite peace and compassion and wish Godspeed to everybody else?Vivekananda summarizes the Vedānta philosophy: Each one is potentially divine. The goal is to manifest this divinity within by controlling nature, external and internal. Knowledge must rise in wisdom. When one evolves spiritually, an ever-present truth becomes clear: We are spiritually one; we are not separate from one another.According to Vedānta, the three streams of energy – the physical science, the science of values, and the science of spirituality – must get synergized for human fulfilment. Vedānta considers the science of values as the link between the physical science and the science of spirituality. The end is fully to unfold the divine principle within us.

Why Does the Pope Not Believe Heaven and Hell Are Real?

Science has established that our universe exist in multiple dimensions. This means that we as individuals exist in multiple dimensions, our consciousness exist in multiple dimensions. Science has documented past lives. Science has also postulated that time is a uniquely human concept. Science says that because of our brain we perceive matter, time and our reality in a linear fashion (in a series one after the other). If you want to see where science is going with all of this then just go to YouTube and see the thousands of documentaries on any of the afore mentioned subjects. We are infinite beings multi-dimensional in nature. And science is on the fore front of these discoveries.Subjectively, I know that science is still eons behind in determining a true construct of our reality. But for many of us we know that science is the only real and tangible proof of our world that is accepted by the masses. Even though many of us are religious and spiritual, we still depend on science to sort out what is real and imagined. But for the most part many of walk a fine line or deal with many contradictions when it comes to melding science and spirituality. For example, science has never admitted to proving there is a God but many of us believe very strongly that there is a supreme being and/or force that guide us. When science says prove there is a God, we will fall back on our “faith” and our “knowing”, our “belief” in God. In this instance many of us will question science and we have no problem doing that because after all science is a “man made” body of thought. Therefore whatever man has made we have a right to question. However, when it comes to religious teachings often times we have such a reverence for those teaching we will not question them even if they are contradictory. Science does objectively confirm that there is a “force” that is orchestrating our universe. However not via the laws of the Ten Commandments but by universal forces that everyone adheres to weather it be consciously or subconsciously. Quantum physics seems to be bridging the religious and scientific divide.Based on some of the premises of science and some of the discoveries recently made, I want to question a religious notion of sin and karma and its relation to heaven and hell. Sense I was a young man I have always had the issue heaven and hell really bother me. Not so much heaven as I did with hell. I can hear your thoughts saying hell bothered me because I was probably a bad little kid and was worried. That’s not it! Hell and the thought of God banishing a being to hell for eternity was just unconscionable. How could God, who is our “father” not ever want to forgive one of his children? I have children and there is nothing that they could do, that I would never ever not forgive them! Surely God would be more benevolent than me, a mere mortal? I came to the conclusion many years ago that, God would not do that to us! Now with me growing more spiritually and in subjective knowledge I say that Heaven (as religion thinks of it) and hell, sin and karma are myths.Here is why. Subjectively I know that I am a multidimensional being. I (my consciousness) exist in many different dimensions. Science (Quantum Physics and “M Theory) postulates that we have an infinite number of probable lives that exist right now, simultaneously, my past present and future live are all in the present. Subjectively I know this to be true. If you have ever had the feeling of déjà vu’ then objectively you know it also, but do not understand what is happening. Déjà vu’ would be a subject for another article.Since ALL of our being exist simultaneously, all that we have been, all that we are and all that we ever will be and that includes all of what we term as past and future incarnations, which are all part of our soul. If one of them sins at any moment, does that mean all of our incarnations go to hell? Or would that mean that all of us would have a karmic debt? Since past, present and future are all simultaneous, then does that make reincarnation a illogical since to reincarnate we would have to be reborn in linear time (one life after another)? My sixteenth century life is actually a parallel or alternate present. So is my seven tenth century life. If all is happening now, how can my seventeenth century life repay the karmic debt of my sixteenth century life if they are alternate presents? How can me being a bad person in the sixteenth century banish the soul of my seventeenth century life to hell for eternity? We both are part of the same entity/soul. Putting our being in this context makes hell and karma illogical. Original sin, karma, guilt and punishment are all man made controls.Christianity has always talked about eternal life. That is supposed to be a reward for following Gods laws. But would we not already be eternal? As eternal beings the thought that one 70 year life (an average lifespan today), in the scope of eternity, being the sole determinant for an entire existence down right foolish!The concept of Heaven seems a little to neat and contradictory for me. What I mean by that is, as a physical being we are excited and exhilarated when we are in a state of discovery and growth. Those times are the spice of life! I would surmise that a major reason we are physically here is for our soul to experience what it is like to be alive! Life is truly a beautiful thing. Our souls can not hug a beautiful child or a loved one. However, through us our soul can experience the love and the beautiful warm sensation that it brings through our physical experience. Our soul can also experience any hurt or pain the we endure in our physical existence. It relishes the humanity in us humans. It relishes the constant change and growth or our being. The universe is in constant motion and growth, birthing stars and new worlds. Everything in the universe grows and expands or it dies and changes form to become something else that grows and expands. Heaven would seem a contradiction in this process. We die go to heaven and sit at the foot of this wonderful being and just exist in a constant state of joy and happiness. No growth, no contrast, just existing in this state forever. Yawn! Zzzzzzz. No part of creation exists in this state unless it is before a transition. The concept of heaven does not compute. Heaven and Hell is a state of consciousness not a place. We create heaven and hell. Even the Vatican has acknowledged this as the official position of the Catholic Church in 1999. Here is a link to that edict: images of hell that Sacred Scripture presents to us must be correctly interpreted. They show the complete frustration and emptiness of life without God. Rather than a place, hell indicates the state of those who freely and definitively separate themselves from God, the source of all life and joy. This is how the Catechism of the Catholic Church summarizes the truths of faith on this subject: “To die in mortal sin without repenting and accepting God’s merciful love means remaining separated from him for ever by our own free choice. This state of definitive self-exclusion from communion with God and the blessed is called ‘hell'” (n. 1033).Eternal damnation remains a real possibility, but we are not granted, without special divine revelation, the knowledge of whether or which human beings are effectively involved in it. The thought of hell – and even less the improper use of biblical images – must not create anxiety or despair, but is a necessary and healthy reminder of freedom within the proclamation that the risen Jesus has conquered Satan, giving us the Spirit of God who makes us cry “Abba, Father!” (Rm 8:15; Gal 4:6).As stated previously, Heaven, hell and karma can only be a myth when we view ourselves as eternal, multi-dimensional beings. Science has established that we are multi-dimensional. Religion has always stated we are eternal beings. However, it’s not a reward. It is our true nature. Don’t live in fear. Don’t feel you are being punished for things you did in a past life or in the past in this life. You have the power to move forward right now! This moment is where all of your power to construct your life. What will you do with that power?